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WE ARE SAYING GOOD BYE - after 10 of the most magical & incredible years, we have decided to close our doors. THANK YOU for the most incredible decade, it has truly been my world ❤️ A note from Roxy: How do I even begin to sum up 10 years in one post? It’s been 10 of the most incredible, magical & life changing years. I started Parooz when I was 22 years young. Filled with the belief that failure would never be an option. I believed in magic and that dreams do come true. My dream was to start a fun and incredible fashion brand, like nothing we had in South Africa. I wanted it to be for the fierce & fashion forward females, a place where you could come and always get that special item that no one else had. Never did I ever image that it would grow to be the amazing brand it is today or that it would be around for a full decade. I feel so incredibly lucky that my dream came true. It’s been 10 years of non stop learning & loving every single moment. Lots of blood (literally have scared myself on my sowing machine), sweat & tears. But even more laughter, learning, happy moments & friends that I have made for life. I would like to say a HUGE & HEARTFELT THANK YOU to the most incredible & loyal customers in the entire world, you were without a doubt the inspiration behind Parooz and what kept me going for all of these years. THANK YOU to my incredible team & staff members over the years, the stylist, creatives, photographers, models, influences, magazines & publications for all of your support and for helping me push & grow this beautiful brand to what it is today. Because of all of your constant love & support over the years Parooz blossomed and has lasted an entire decade in the fashion industry. A SPECIAL & HUGE thank you to my incredible parents, for giving me the gift of your belief in my ability to do anything. This has been life changed and as Iv got older, I have realised how rare this is and how lucky I have been. Your constant love & support has meant everything. I am now 32 years old and still believe in magic and that we should never stop chasing our dreams or felling inspired to follow our hearts. I write this with happy tears rolling down my face, with a heart filled with gratitude and pride for all that Parooz has achieved over the years, all of the friends Iv made and lessons I have learnt along the way. All good things come to an end and so I have decided to end Parooz off on a good note and start a new and exciting chapter in my life. It’s definitely not good bye. Rather the ending to the most amazing chapter & start of an entirely new one. Each & everyone of you will always & forever be a #ParoozBabe XOXO Roxy - Parooz #AlwaysAParoozBabe #Parooz

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